Dress Code




Student attire must promote human dignity, cleanliness, and good health.

All uniforms and uniform parts, except for shoes and socks, are available at Dennis-Larose Uniform.  All uniforms must be labeled with the student’s name. Uniforms must be clean, pressed, and intact while students are on campus, including before and after school.

Non-uniform outerwear is not allowed in the classrooms

Grooming Standards All Students – All Grades

  •     ♦Hair must be clean, neat and styled appropriately for school. No fad or extreme hairstyles, no dyes, no cornrows, dreadlocks, or extensions.  No part of the head may be shaved. Fad or costume jewelry of any kind is not permitted. One single religious medallion may be worn.
  •     ♦No temporary or permanent tattoos.
  •     ♦Shoes must be free from holes, rips, or writing, have non-marking soles and be polished as needed.
  •     ♦No perfumes or colognes


Grooming Standards Female Students – All Grades 

  •     ♦No cosmetics are allowed. Only clear nail polish may be worn.
  •     ♦Earrings must be small, post-style.
  •     ♦Hair may be secured with solid white, green, yellow, blue or Larose plaid ties only.
  •     ♦Skirts and shorts must be knee length


Grooming Standards for Male Students – All Grades

  •     ♦No earrings
  •     ♦Hair length must be above the ears and shirt collar.
  •     ♦No hair gel.
  •     ♦No facial hair
  •     ♦Ties must be worn by middle school (grades 6-8) students on Mass days


The following may not be worn to school or on-campus school sponsored events

  •     ♦Tank tops
  •     ♦Clothing that exposes the midriff (stomach)
  •     ♦Provocative dresses, dresses that fall above the knee
  •     ♦See-through patterns
  •     ♦Sweat Pants; Capri or crop pants; shorts
  •     ♦Camouflage
  •     ♦Jeans with holes, sequins, or embroidery
  •     ♦Baggy or oversized clothing
  •     ♦Spandex knits; “skinny” style clothes
  •     ♦Hats and caps unless specified for a particular day
  •     ♦Sandals of any kind, boots, crocs, flip-flops, etc.

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