Course Descriptions

Religion/Development of Spiritual Life

All students, regardless of faith heritage, are expected to attend classroom periods of religious instruction and scheduled church services. Students study Catholic doctrine, Scripture and church history. They also are provided time for prayer and worship.

Catholic students in 2nd grade participate in the Sacramental preparation of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Catholic students in 8th grade participate in the Sacramental preparation of Confirmation. In the event your child did not receive First Communion or Reconciliation and you would like them to prepare to receive these Sacraments, please contact the student’s teacher.

Non­-Catholic students are encouraged to actively participate in church services, except for the reception of the Eucharist. All are required to maintain a respectful behavior at such times.

Service Hours
As part of our religious curriculum, students in Kindergarten through 8th grade are required to participate in the St. Michael Parish School Service Program.

Kindergarten through 4th grade students will do service projects with their classroom teachers. Middle School service hour requirements are as follows:

♦Grade 5    10 hours

♦Grade 6    12 hours

♦Grade 7    14 hours

♦Grade 8    20 hours

Language Arts

The Language Arts Program includes composition, grammar, vocabulary, reading, phonics, and spelling. Each is taught commensurate with the grade level, development, and maturity of the student. Basic skills become the foundation for future education and they are emphasized each year.


The Mathematics Program at St. Michael Parish School emphasizes mathematics as “hands­ on” learning and teaches problem solving skills. Basic computation and math in everyday life provide a realistic basis for mathematics in the elementary grades. Middle School includes basic math, pre­Algebra and Algebra I. Algebra I is an advanced course for qualifying 8th graders.


The Science Program (Kindergarten through 4th grade) includes teacher demonstrations and age­ appropriate “hands­ on” involvement in all areas of general science. Students are taught the basic elements of observation, classification, prediction, and experimentation. Emphasis is placed on a global perspective and respect for our planet, as part of God’s gifts to mankind. Science at the Middle School level integrates earth, life, and physical science. Students participate in the annual Shelby County Science Fair, with projects displayed during Catholic Schools Week.

Social Studies/History

The History/Social Studies Program develops an understanding of history, geography, and social institutions. It also fosters an appreciation of the people of the world and our own American heritage, while strengthening commitment to democratic values and processes. All 7th and 8th graders participate in the Tennessee History Day Fair, with projects displayed during during Catholic Schools Week.

Fine Arts

Students are provided with opportunities to express themselves creatively and visually through art and choral music. The students use a variety of materials and media that contribute toward their experience and growth.

Computer Science

Using the Internet as a learning tool, students will explore, learn, and create products using basic Microsoft applications. Students will explore various topics including basic Internet usage, basic applications, research techniques, online libraries, reports, presentations, and databases.

Physical Education/Health

The Physical Education Program emphasizes psychomotor, developmental, and locomotion skills. Each student will have a fine understanding of their body’s functions through exercise. An informal health curriculum is provided to students in Kindergarten through 8th grades. The subjects reinforced during the school year are first aid, safety, personal hygiene, and social development.

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